John Gruber on Anil Dash’s ‘Pop Life’ Talkshow

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Via Daring Fireball:

I was this week’s guest on Anil Dash’s Pop Life, on Talkshow. It’s like texting in public. It was fun, and there were some excellent questions from the audience. I tell the story about the first time I met Steve Jobs.

This is so cool.

When Talkshow first launched earlier this year, I always imagined people using it like this. has been redesigned, rebranded

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Via The Beat:

At least one of the top rotating stories on the new site is about comics. And there are still previews and so on. And the forums are still there, with, predictably old timers moaning, managing editor Albert Ching manfully trying to answer questions and one wag posting, “Jonah Weiland sold his comic book site, and what happened next will shock you!” Readers are not happy with the new look for the moment, complaining about industry standard things like large images and responsive design.

Also, the old Comicbookresources had awful pop up ads of late that froze my browser and sent bats flying across my screen. They seem to be waiting in the attic while the new redesign shakes out, but if the new look enables to site to do away with those kind of ads, than it’s all for the best.

It’s been a rough couple of days during the transition to the new site. For the first day or so I couldn’t access the site using the the full url, only via, many images were (and still are) distorted or low-res, and the site’s layout seemed to change a number of times in a very short period of time. That said, many of the major bugs seem to have been squashed.

One of my major issues with the site now is just how painfully generic it looks. I would have almost confused it with the current design if I wasn’t looking close enough. Also, Share is not a great typeface for headers, or really anything for that matter, as it looks too plain and cheap in my opinion.

Some particularly disappointing design choices aside, the site feels modern and works well enough on mobile devices. It’ll be interesting to see, as Heidi mentions in the piece above, how they handle ads and special columns once they clean up the core experience and roll out new features.

Pattern is now available in the App Store

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Pattern is a fantastic little iPad app (available in the App Store as of today) created by former Facebook product designer Andy Chung, specifically for the purpose of ideation and early stage design. Its simple tools and charming interface feel equal parts whiteboard and grid paper.

I haven’t had a chance to check the app out for myself yet (there’s currently an issue running it on the iOS 10 beta) but everything i’ve read and seen in videos tells me this is exactly the app i’ve been waiting for to keep productive on my iPad. It delivers a dead simple design and gorgeous interface and, as someone who didn’t upgrade to a Pro, the fact that it runs on older devices and seems to support other styluses than just Apple’s Pencil is also a huge plus.

Star Citizen demos alpha 3.0 update at Gamescom 2016

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Via RPS:

Fancy space games are certainly more common now than when Star Citizen was announced but Cloud Imperium’s space ’em up is still the flashiest. The devs are still working on its core elements and pulling them together into a concrete whole, but that’s starting to look pretty dang swish all right. During Gamescom last week they showed off an hour-long gameplay preview of alpha 3.0, with two players in a ship flying down from space, through a planet’s atmosphere, to land at a settlement, wander around, and pick up a contract from a proper voice-acted NPC.

Every time I get around to checking out the latest news from Star Citizen’s development, I’m blown away by what they’ve done since the last time I checked in. Previously, many of the game’s elements were broken into bite-sized chunks but wouldn’t exactly connect to form the game that was initially pitched. Now, we finally have a cohesive experience that gives a much better idea of what the game will look like when it ships.

More evidence of ‘iPhone 6SE’ surfaces

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Via 9to5Mac:

Very sketchy images have surfaced showing off supposed future iPhone product packaging, raising the potential of Apple calling a new iPhone the iPhone 6 SE.

To be fair, this rumour’s been circulating for some time. As I mentioned before, I can’t see Apple going and calling the new device the iPhone 7 if the many leaks are to be believed and the overall design of the device is going to largely resemble the 6/6S. If that were the case, would we have the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 in back to back years? That doesn’t add up.

These might not be the actual boxes, based on the quality and source, but I’d be willing to bet some serious money that the next phone Apple ships will not be the iPhone 7.


Numerous sites have now done a pretty thorough analysis of the package to conclude that this clearly can’t be official packaging. Still willing to bank hard on the phone being called anything but iPhone 7/7 Plus.