Thoughts on Instagram’s album feed UI

02/25/2017  •  Filed under Design, Technology

Following up the previous post about the new albums feature that Instagram released a couple days ago, one thing that’s stuck with me is actual layout of the UI elements associated with a post that contains multiple images.

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Instagram adds ability to upload multiple images for a single post, internet is upset

02/24/2017  •  Filed under Design, Technology

Via Mashable:

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and thought to yourself, “This is nice, but it’d be better with even more selfies/vacation/baby/dog photos squeezed into the same amount of space”? No? Well, too bad because Instagram is set on giving you exactly that.


Like so many recent Instagram updates, the move is likely to [sic] controversial. Instagram purists have already criticized the feature as one that could ruin the app. As Mashable Tech Editor Pete Pachal summed it up, “albums are destined to turn Instagram into a place where tedious photo sets from vacations, bar mitzvahs and holiday parties are interspersed with the images users actually want to see.”

Personally, I follow artists and designers on Instragram and have already seen several great use cases for the new multi-picture post, with many posting progress shots of their work from sketches to finished pieces. While that’s fairly specific to my tastes, I’m sure there are other examples of how this new feature can benefit users.

I’m often pretty overly critical of new things but this just seems like wasted energy. There’s no controversy to speak of here. The only place that seems to have any serious issue with this is Mashable.

Instagram, like many other social networks, is what you make of it. If you’ve been following people who post selfies, dog pictures, etc and are upset about what they’ve been putting into your feed, maybe consider unfollowing them. Alternatively, you could not flip through the pictures. Just a thought.

Marvel re-releasing Vision in double-issues with extra content beginning in June

02/23/2017  •  Filed under Comic Books

Via Bleeding Cool:

So Marvel is to republish the 12 issue The Vision series in a new format. Vision: Director’s Cuts, the first of which will be published in June, will collect two issues of the series in each of the six issues, plus bonus material.

It’s stuff like this that just confuses me. Marvel should be busy packing this series into a gigantic collected edition and pushing it hard to readers and shops. Repackaging the issues and including extra content to squeeze a couple extra bucks out of people just seems hostile to readers and money-grabbing.

If you haven’t read Vision, you should. It’s one of the best Marvel books in a long time. Just save your money and wait for the deluxe hardcover, which will undoubtedly arrive sometime this year.

Android’s on-screen back button

02/21/2017  •  Filed under Design, Technology

Via Droid Life:

Do you prefer the back button to be on the left, where Google, creator of the platform that all Android phones are built upon, has placed it and where almost everyone other Android OEM places it, or should the back button go on the right, where Samsung, king of smartphone makers who (rightfully) laughs at all who question its decisions, puts it?

The inclusion of the on-screen navigation buttons has always struck me as strange, the back button in particular. The ambiguity and uncertainty of where exactly it’ll take you makes me wonder how it’s stuck around as long as it has.

Back to the question at hand, if you were going to use the on-screen Android buttons, I can’t wrap my head around why you’d place a back button the right and not the left. It just seems backwards.

Marvel announces another potential event book for 2017, Generations

02/17/2017  •  Filed under Comic Books

Via IGN:

However, if we had to guess, we’d bet that Generations is intended as a spiritual sequel to Ross and writer Kurt Busiek’s 1994 mini-series Marvels. Marvels explored the early years of the Marvel Universe from the perspective of an ordinary photojournalist, ranging from the debut of the original Human Torch to the death of Gwen Stacy. Generations may take a similar approach as it explores how characters like Spider-Man and Captain America evolved from individual heroes to larger symbols. With any luck, Generations will even reunite Busiek and Ross.

I own it but have never actually gotten around to reading Marvels. The concept has always intrigued me and sounds unique for its time. This new teaser image certainly has a Marvels vibe, mostly because of Alex Ross’ incredible art.

My hope is that Generations doesn’t collide too much with everything else Marvel’s got in the pipe for this year, including the recently announced Secret Empire. I’ve talked about event fatigue and the effects it so often seems to have often on Marvel’s entire line of books. Having two potentially massive events in one year is likely going to rock that boat pretty hard.

A nice light (gorgeously drawn) refresher event would be very much appreciated by fans and I’m hopeful that’s what Generations turns out to be. It would do a lot to alleviate some of that burnout and get people up to speed on the status of the characters at the same time. Otherwise, i’d worry that this whole thing will likely push people even further away.

We’ll have to wait until later this year to find out.