Venom movie expected to be launchpad for Sony’s new superhero universe

03/28/2017  •  Filed under Comic Books, Movies & TV

Via ComicsAlliance:

Although Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is free to swing over to the MCU (and Marvel has generously loaned Iron Man to Sony for this summer’s Homecoming), the deal between the studios doesn’t extend to Sony’s other Marvel characters — like Venom or Black Cat. These films would be entirely Sony, with no participation from or collaboration with Marvel, for better or worse.

Not sure I follow Sony’s need to put something into theaters as not every rated R superhero movie is going to be the next Logan or Deadpool. Personally, I just don’t really like Venom and I’m not entirely sure he’s a strong enough character to pull this whole thing off.

It feels like a really strange spot to jump-start an entire universe of superhero movies, to put so much faith in a fairly unproven character. Deadpool and Wolverine both have massive fanbases and have been bringing in new fans with their comics. Venom hasn’t really been stable since the 90s. Are his fans still around to give this movie the support it needs?

Snapchat reportedly building a smartphone

03/16/2017  •  Filed under Design, Technology

Via Macworld:

Leading up to its IPO, Snap hired talent away from Apple, HTC, Google, Verizon and Nokia, which signals an investment in some sort of mobile device. Plus, a phone wouldn’t be the company’s first piece of hardware. Snap’s camera-equipped Spectacles just recently went on sale. And even though the product only has basic recording and sharing capabilities, it’s easy to see how future models could become everything we once envisioned for Google Glass.

If the design of the phone is anything like their app, it’s going to be a tough sell.

Passenger on Kickstarter

03/09/2017  •  Filed under Design, Video Games

Via Kickstarter:

In Passenger, you pilot an advanced space craft that runs on souls. You earn souls by convincing alien life that you’re their God so they pledge their soul to you!

To convert a planet to your “religion”, you’ll have to listen in on a civilization to try and understand what they are all about. You can listen in on their government, their theaters, their workplaces, and if they’re advanced enough, even their radio broadcasts!

While observing, take note of what they fear and value. With that in mind, you will be able to more confidently assert yourself as a God when you reveal yourself. Are they all starving to death? Promise them a grand feast in the afterlife! Do they love nature? Burn their forests and threaten barren wastes in hell. A good religion always comes with a threat and a promise.

Passenger seems incredibly intricate and will certainly appeal to fans of the Civilization series. Full disclosure, Passenger is being made in part by a friend of mine who has been putting his heart and soul into the creation of the game for the past year or so. If you like what you see on the game’s Kickstarter page, consider pledging to help it get made.

The iPhone 8 won’t be “ripping off” Samsung

03/07/2017  •  Filed under Design, Technology

Via Macworld:

OK. Ugh. Look. In the instances where Samsung copied Apple it was not specific technologies, but look and feel. Assuming the iPhone 8 has these features, you can call this copying Samsung if you want, but the only reason an iPhone 8 might look anything like a Samsung phone is because Samsung stole the look and feel of the iPhone eight years ago.

I couldn’t have said it better.

I’ve felt this way for a long time and have often just been dismissed as an Apple fanboy and not given the time of day. You really have to wonder what everyone’s idea of a smartphone would be if the iPhone had never arrived. You just see it as a reference point for so many (if not all) smartphones on the market, especially in Samsung’s offerings, what would they have done without it?

Microsoft launching all-you-can-play game subscription service for Xbox One

02/28/2017  •  Filed under Technology, Video Games

Via TechCrunch:

Having free games with Xbox Live Gold was one thing, but Microsoft wants to go one step further. The company is launching a new service called the Xbox Game Pass. It’s a library of more than 100 games that you can download and play for a monthly subscription of $9.99.

Great idea but the fact that users need to actually download the games, unlike Sony’s solution that allows games to be streamed, might be a deal-breaker for some.

That said, their CDN has always been lightning quick for patches and other downloads so this could be a non-issue. We’ll have to wait and see. 

Canadians, Game Pass will be available to us as well for $11.99 a month.