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Observation review: A chilling sci-fi thriller →

The space station Observation has broken away from its Earth orbit and is drifting somewhere near Saturn. Its systems are malfunctioning, a fire has broken out, and the on-board artificial intelligence, SAM, is acting strangely. Things are not looking good for Dr. Emma Fisher, the reluctant, resourceful hero of this sci-fi thriller from the studio behind Stories Untold.

But what's interesting about Observation is that you don't play as Fisher. Instead, you play as SAM, her AI helper.

As if there weren't enough games to play right now, Observation sounds like another one to add to the pile... as much it pains me to go through the Epic Games Store to get it.

I've enjoyed revisiting Dragon's Dogma on the Switch. It doesn't reinvent the wheel or add much—if anything—to the original game but it's surprising how little of it feels dated. It also feels and plays pretty well on the Switch.

I've had a blast so far with Shakedown: Hawaii on the Nintendo Switch. I'm in love with art and animation style. It's amazing how much life pops out of each pixel. There's a million things to do so it definitely scratches that completionist itch.

I'm excited to have finally found a simple way to switch to Ghost, which I've been eyeing for a while now. I really love their simple editor and how cleanly it integrates with other services like Spotify, Twitch, and more.

Started Shakedown: Hawaii

Build a "legitimate" corporation via open world missions, shakedowns, sabotage and property acquisition. Shakedown: Hawaii parodies big business and the white collar crimes that go alongside.

Marvel adding Patrick Gleason to the rotation of Amazing Spider-Man artists is yet another slam dunk for the book. It’ll be tough to see Humberto Ramos go but I’m sure it’s not the last time we’ll see him drawing Spidey.