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    The Sleep Stories →

    The Sleep Stories are an ongoing series of comics based on my nightmares and, occasionally, the unreality of my waking life. Welcome to my rotting dreams.

    Eisner award winning creator Michael Walsh shares tales of his nightmares with a new chapter each Tuesday. They’re strange, unsettling, and beautifully drawn. I highly recommend taking a look and supporting the project if you’re able.

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    Friday →


    Friday Fitzhugh spent her childhood solving crimes and digging up occult secrets with her best friend Lancelot Jones, the smartest boy in the world. But that was the past, now she’s in college, starting a new life on her own. Except when Friday comes home for the holidays, she’s immediately pulled back into Lance’s orbit and finds that something very strange and dangerous is happening in their little New England town.

    I really enjoyed both The Private Eye and Barrier, which were also released by Panel Syndicate in the same “pay what you want” model, with artists Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente joined by writer Brian K. Vaughan.

    For books like this to appear out of thin air at whatever price you feel is fair, it’s amazing, especially with incredible talent like Ed Brubaker and the previously mentioned Martin, and Vicente onboard. I’m really looking forward to giving this a read as soon as possible.

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    Capcom is working on a Resident Evil 4 remake →

    Following its reimaginings of Resident Evil 2 and 3, multiple development sources have told VGC that the Resident Evil 4 remake has now entered full production with an estimated release window in 2022.

    Selfishly, I hope this news isn’t true or at the very least they’re planning on doing a couple of these over the next few years.

    Resident Evil 4 has been remastered, and re-released to death on virtually every console Capcom could think of and, for better or worse, it’s already an incredibly successful game that helped reshape the series.

    If anything, I feel like there could be serious damage done to the legacy of the game if they do decide to move forward with this project. Imagine the expectations and pressure of having to remake a game that many consider to be one of the best ever made.

    Instead, I’d love to see them tackle Code Veronica. The game wasn’t nearly as popular as other entries in the series so a remake could give it the exposure and success—if done well—that it never got the first time around. It’s already an excellent game with a big following, and it’s not available on many consoles or PC.

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    Apple now lets some video streaming apps bypass the App Store cut →

    Apple on Wednesday confirmed the existence of a program for streaming video providers that allows those platforms to bypass its standard 30 percent App Store fee when selling individual purchases, like movie downloads and TV show rentals.

    This is great news and it makes me hopeful we’ll see similar deals applied to other App Store categories in the future. Specifically, I’d love for in-app purchases to return to ComiXology’s iOS/iPadOS apps.

    Full disclosure: While I work at Amazon, I have no inside knowledge of this or any other deal. I’m simply saying this as a fan of comics and a user of the ComiXology app.

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    Comics pros want Marvel and DC to team on a new, epic crossover event →

    I actually think a crossover like this would do wonders for both publishers and comic shops alike if marketed well. At a time like this, the comic community needs to stick together wherever possible to survive. Is it really that crazy to think Disney and Warner Bros would work together to help everyone get through this?

    Could you imagine a list of creators like we saw on Marvel Comics #1000 pitting the greatest heroes from both companies together against some insurmountable force? Sign me up.

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    Apple’s new iPadOS supports either a trackpad or mouse →

    Apple revealed this feature by showing off a refreshed Magic Keyboard for the new iPad Pro, but this will work on all iPads that support iOS 13.4 and with all mice, including Bluetooth and USB models.

    Considering I just ordered the updated Smart Keyboard, I’m glad to hear I can still connect a Bluetooth mouse and take advantage of the new functionality.

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    That Texas Blood from Condon/Phillips and Image coming this summer →

    That Texas Blood art by Jacob Phillips

    Chris Condon and Jacob Phillips (Criminal, My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies) have a new book out this summer from Image Comics, called That Texas Blood. A neo-western more along the lines of No Country for Old Men than High Noon, the book focuses on Sheriff Joe Bob Coates and his experiences with crime in his hometown of Fort Lehane.

    Not only does this sound awesome, but Phillips’ art looks killer too. It’s a completely different style than his father Sean’s, sort of like a cleaner version of what Jason Latour does on Southern Bastards. I’ll definitely be picking this one up.

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    DC Comics Publisher Dan DiDio Has Exited the Company →

    DiDio was instrumental in many of DC’s contemporary shifts and successes, including The New 52, a 2011 revamp of all of DC’s continuity post-Flashpoint that saw every DC title restarting at issue #1. DiDio also became a fan-favorite figure, serving as DC’s front-facing de facto spokesperson at fan events and conventions. In an era where most of “comic book success” is found in movies and TV, DiDio made sure the actual ink-and-paper (or digital) comic books had a home and focus in the business strategies of DC.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Dan DiDio at FanExpo in Toronto a number of years ago. He is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people in comics I’ve ever met.

    I specifically remember him coming out from inside the DC booth at the event to chat in the aisle with my friends and I about what the company had planned (pre-Flashpoint) and his time working on ReBoot in the 90s.

    I’ll be interested to see what he does next.

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    Batman: The Animated Series Adventures on Kickstarter →

    This game looks absolutely incredible and—looking into the add-ons—features a crazy amount of content from the original series, movies, etc. My wife would definitely kill me if I bought this but… it might be worth it?

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    1st Annual Canadian Game Awards to be held in April →

    Mississauga, Ontario-based esports company Northern Arena has announced that it will hold the 1st Annual Canadian Game Awards on Thursday, April 9th, 2020 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto.

    We hear a bit about Canadian-made games during Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards but it’s not much. Seeing studios and creators being recognized with a full event right here at home will be greatly appreciated within the Canadian gaming community. Hopefully this is the start of something bigger that grows for years to come.

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    Don't Go Without Me →

    Two lovers get separated on a night out in a parallel dimension. A ship that runs on memories malfunctions in the dead of space. A giant prophesied to wake from its centuries-long slumber beneath the sea.

    A stunning triptych collection of stories on love, loss, longing, and connection, from rising comics superstar, Rosemary Valero O-Connell.

    I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read so far of Valero-O’Connell’s work on Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me so I’m looking forward to reading this. I was hopeful it would eventually be available to the public, given how well the Kickstarter campaign did.

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    Vine successor Byte is available now on iOS and Android →

    Dom Hofmann, the co-creator of Vine who has been quietly working on a successor to the short-form video platform, says the new app, called Byte, is available now on iOS and Android. The app has been available in beta form for quite some time, but its launch late on Friday afternoon came as a complete surprise.

    I’ve downloaded the app and played around with it a bit. I love the amount of polish that’s gone into it. The art for the categories, the vibrant colours and icons, the options for different app icons, etc. The UI is simple and easy to wrap your head around quickly.

    If you’re using the app, I’m mikehayn.es.

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    Twitch will launch Hype Train this week →

    Hype is important on Twitch. That’s why the company is gamifying it with a new feature called Hype Train, launching this week. If you donate enough to a partnered or affiliate channel, you’ll see a bar pop up above chat, which will give donators rewards as it fills.

    This sounds like a cool idea. While I understand the feature will be limited in a beta, I wonder how long it’ll be until creators are given the option of uploading their own emotes rather than use the ones designed by Twitch.

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    Micro Monday: A New Year’s Eve Retrospective →

    It seems like only yesterday that I sat down with Jean to talk about Micro.blog and Dialog. There were so many other amazing guests on the podcast this year, this community is something special for sure. As Jean mentions, episodes like these are great for MDB newcomers.

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    Spider-Woman Gets a Surprise Costume Redesign Ahead of New Series Launch →

    But it turns out, Marvel just wanted to soak in the variant cover sales glory of the costume one last time because it turns out Jessica Drew is getting a new look in Spider-Woman #1.

    While I’m not particularly fond of the new look, I’m more concerned that Marvel chose to (it seems) intentionally mislead readers in the announcement of the new series.

    Announcing her new book and cover, revealing a series of variant covers—both featuring the original costume—allowing people to place orders for the book, and only then showing off this new suit seems weirdly deceptive.

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    It's actually just 'Xbox' →

    “The name we’re carrying forward to the next generation is simply Xbox,” a Microsoft representative told Business Insider. “And at The Game Awards you saw that name come to life through the Xbox Series X.”

    Like the first Xbox generation, the next one is simply named “Xbox.”

    It’s a basic rebranding, but a meaningful one that could help to simplify the Xbox line for interested consumers. It also clarifies Microsoft’s intention with its console line.

    I’m very okay with going back to basics with the naming structure but what a weird way to announce the console… or family of consoles I guess?

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    Resident Evil 3 Remake art has been spotted on PSN →

    The cover art shows off Jill, Carlos and Nemesis, all looking a bit different. Carlos in particular has had a serious makeover. Gone is the floppy hair, and now he’s sporting a beard. He looks a good decade older, too. Jill, meanwhile, is giving off some serious modern Lara Croft vibes, and Nemesis somehow looks even more hideous than usual.

    If that’s not confirmation, I don’t know what is.

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    The Game Awards 2019: Nominees →

    Geoff Keighley and company have announced the nominees for the 2019 edition of The Game Awards and Control is—rightfully so—nominated for a handful of awards, including Game of the Year. Control was without question one of the best games I played recently so I’m happy to see the team at Remedy getting recognized for their work.

    You can watch the show online on December 12th.

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    The 100 best games of the decade (2010-2019): 10-1 →

    Overall, great list. I’m really happy to see some of my favourite games and series come out on top including The Witcher 3 and Dark Souls. The biggest shocker for me was not only seeing Kentucky Route Zero on the list but appearing so high. I’ve played a little of the game a couple years ago but this makes me think it’s worth spending more time and seeing what the fuss is about.

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    EA returning to Steam →

    The first new EA game coming to Steam will be Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which will arrive on Nov. 15 — and incidentally can be pre-ordered starting today. Later this year, The Sims 4 and Unravel 2 will come to Steam. Next year, other EA franchises will return on Steam, such as Apex Legends, FIFA 20, and Battlefield 5 — all of which were previously only playable on PC via Origin.

    This is great news for players having to deal with the growing number of launchers on their machines. It also feels like a direct shot at Epic and their strategy of timed exclusives on their own store which I’ve felt for a while now has been consumer hostile and short-sighted on their part.

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    Mixer signs exclusive deal with Shroud →

    Mixer has signed away another big Twitch livestreamer. A couple months after Tyler “Ninja” Blevins committed to the Microsoft streaming platform, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek announced today that he too has reached a deal to exclusively stream gameplay and video through Mixer.

    Wow. I’m stunned.

    I think I’m more shocked about this news than when Ninja moved over. When he left Twitch, I felt that Shroud was poised to take that proverbial “top spot” on the platform. Now, with him moving over as well, I have no idea.

    While it’s definitely a surprise, this is good news for everyone involved—save for maybe Twitch—as it’ll continue to encourage healthy competition between the two platforms and hopefully help streamers grow on both Twitch and Mixer.

    You have to wonder who might be next…

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    Ms. Marvel is the hero of the Avengers game →

    Ms. Marvel in Avengers

    Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers has a main character, and her name is Kamala Khan. That’s right, Ms. Marvel will take it upon herself to bring the Avengers back together again after Captain America’s death.

    This is a solid trailer. We’ve got new story details and a look at  Kamala in action, who looks like she’ll be a ton of fun to play as. This  should also clear up the misunderstanding MCU fans have that this game has anything to do with the Marvel movies, which has always confused me.

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    A ‘really fun’ and ‘surprisingly excellent’ experience for $5/month →

    Apple Arcade will officially launch later this week, when iOS 13 is released to the public on September 19th. Ahead of that, the early hands-on and reviews of Apple Arcade are in – and they’re overwhelmingly positive.

    I’ve been looking forward to Apple Arcade since the announcement. I’m happy to hear it’s reviewing well with the people who’ve gotten a look at it before the release on the 19th.

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    Moon Knight series coming to Disney+ →

    Though the details are slim, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios confirmed at D23 that Moon Knight is getting his own series. That announcement came with announcements for Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk series’ as well.

    I’m so excited to see what comes of this. I’d love to see them base the series on one of the recent comic book arcs like Brian Michael Bendis or Jeff Lemire’s runs on the character.

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    Night Call, the Neo-noir taxi driver murder mystery, is coming in July →

    Night Call

    Night Call is a “neo-noir narrative investigation game” about a taxi driver who roams the gloomy eventide streets of Paris, collecting fares, delivering riders, and solving murders—specifically the murders committed by a serial killer who the police believe to be you.

    Not sure if it’s a coincidence or not but between this and Neo Cab there seems to be a large influx of taxi driving game coming out all of a sudden. That said, I’ll definitely check this one out.

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    Remedy still dreams of Alan Wake 2 →

    It’s been nine years since its original Xbox 360 release and more than seven since it came to PC, and there’s no sign of a sequel—but writer Sam Lake told IGN that he still hopes to do one.

    The original Alan Wake was excellent. Between that, Quantum Break—which I bought an Xbox One to play—and the second Max Payne game, there’s little doubt Remedy is one of the best studios making games.

    I would love to see Remedy return to this world sooner than later, and it’s nice to know Remedy themselves want to do the same at some point. In the meantime, I look forward to checking out their newest game, Control, that’s coming out in August.

  • Nintendo insists the Switch Lite won't replace the 3DS →

    Nintendo says the Switch Lite isn’t going to replace the 3DS You might think that a handheld-only Switch would mark the death knell for the Nintendo 3DS, but Nintendo doesn’t necessarily see it that way.

    This past weekend, my wife and I went to the local Best Buy and wandered through the Nintendo aisle. To my surprise, there were only two 2DS units available to buy and a total of four 3DS games on the shelves. This experience—along with how little (ie: none) was shown for the console at E3—makes it pretty clear the system has reached the end of the line.

    Whether Nintendo wants to admit it or not, this is their new handheld system as far as most users are concerned.

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    Alpha Protocol has vanished from Steam →

    Spy thriller game Alpha Protocol mysteriously vanishes from Steam What’s going on with Obsidian’s Alpha Protocol? We’re not sure, but we think there might be a chance it’s not gone for good.

    I love how much attention this story has gotten from major gaming news sites.

    Alpha Protocol is one of the most underrated games of last console generation. If you missed out, shame on you for not picking it up when you had the chance.

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    Fans of No Man's Sky are buying a billboard ad to thank Hello Games →

    The GoFundMe campaign, which has already surpassed its goal, will also buy the studio a case of beer and some lunch.

    While other studios could (and likely would) have easily cut their losses and moved on to something else following the rocky launch back in 2016, Hello Games put in the time and effort—particularly with the Next update in 2018 and Beyond coming later this year—to add tons of new content and features to the game.

    It’s great to see the team getting recognized by their fans for their hard work and dedication. It’s also heartwarming to see extra money from the campaign going to help sick children.

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    Observation offers an interesting twist to players →


    The space station Observation has broken away from its Earth orbit and is drifting somewhere near Saturn. Its systems are malfunctioning, a fire has broken out, and the on-board artificial intelligence, SAM, is acting strangely. Things are not looking good for Dr. Emma Fisher, the reluctant, resourceful hero of this sci-fi thriller from the studio behind Stories Untold.

    But what’s interesting about Observation is that you don’t play as Fisher. Instead, you play as SAM, her AI helper.

    As if there weren’t enough games to play right now, Observation sounds like another one to add to the pile… as much it pains me to go through the Epic Games Store to get it.

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    Stunning strategy game Overland out this fall →


    It’s a squad-based game about surviving in a post-apocalyptic North America, making your way from the east coast to the west. Each run starts with a randomly-generated character and a car, and from there you encounter a series of levels, each a beautifully-stylized square.

    Resources are scarce. You won’t be murdering monsters left and right, and surviving will be an achievement.

    I’ve been following Overland since shortly after it was announced and it continues to impress every time I see it in action. I’m really looking forward to playing the finished game later this year.

  • technology

    How to get the most money from selling your used AirPods →

    Here’s the best way to sell [AirPods].

    Years ago, when I worked in video game retail, we wouldn’t accept trade-ins of gaming headphones for sanitation reasons, never mind earbuds. The thought of buying a pair used AirPods—that someone has had inside their ears while running, working out, etc—is so gross.

    If you’re in the market for wireless earbuds and want save a couple bucks, there are new, less expensive options than used AirPods.

  • movies

    Captain Marvel Is Already Being Review Bombed on Rotten Tomatoes →

    Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

    A quick look at the audience reviews page for Captain Marvel over on Rotten Tomatoes has been flooded with negative, angry “reviews” of the film and while there are some genuine comments noting excitement for the film, most have an unsettling common theme: anger about Captain Marvel being centered around a female hero.

    What an embarrassing way for someone to spend their time.