• design

    Thoughts on Twitch's new look

    The subtle adjustments to the glitch logo are nice fine and I like the updated logomark more than the original, which — as someone who really liked the old logo — I never thought I’d say. I think it’s the consistent border and distances in the open letters (W, C, T, etc) that’s really selling it for me. The larger radius on the button corners and circular pills for tags are a nice touch that I feel modernizes the look. I also like the new typeface (Roobert) but I think they’ll need to make adjustments to weights (ie: the sidebar “followed channels” etc) throughout the site.

    The new purple is nice, particularly in the dark version of the website, but I’ll miss the previous one. It would be nice to see them use a combination of the two. Speaking of dark mode, while the dark palette of the site looks fine, the light version feels… off. Maybe too much white space? Weird contrast with the shading of the sidebar? I can’t quite put my finger on it but something about it doesn’t gel like the previous version did. That said, I almost exclusively use the dark version and I’d have to assume many other users are the same. Still, I’m glad it’s something they offer to those that want or need it.

    I know they’ve already said this is only the beginning of the work they’re doing but I hope they have some work planed on the overall user experience of the Twitch website. The navigation still feels cluttered, items are hidden, the dashboard is still all over the place, panels are hard to organize and display effectively, discoverability of channels still isn’t very good, etc.

    I’m into the new look. Next, I’d like to see them cover deeper UX issues.

  • events

    Winnipeg comic convention cancelled indefinitely

    Central Canada Comic Con (Facebook):

    it is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we have to announce that C4 will not be happening this year.

    It has been tough running it the last few years with rental fees and costs going up, as well as the lack of local support from businesses and the City of Winnipeg. And now with the RBC Convention Center not having space on the dates we need. With all of these things put together it makes it impossible for us to organize a convention of C4’s size this October.

    I’ve been attending C4 for 15 years.

    I’ve waited a week or so to post my thoughts on this because I didn’t want to rush to judgement on the matter. That said, my initial opinion hasn’t changed much. Thinking back, the writing’s been on the wall for something like this to happen and I’m surprised it took this long for the whole thing to implode.

    Years ago, C4 had a publicly visible group on Facebook that allowed the volunteers and organizers to discuss the event. Reading through, It was not uncommon to see volunteers discussing how poorly treated they were during the event only to be harassed by the organizers and their loyal supporters for speaking up. Needless to say, I can’t imagine this is how volunteers at most other events are treated.

    In 2010, news broke that Wizard World had bought the convention and would be adding it to their roster of shows — even announcing some of the guests that would be attending the newly minted Wizard World Central Canada Comic Con.

    Fast forward a few months, it was announced that the deal had fallen through and the original organizers would be once again running the show. The rumours around the cause of this all seemed to be that the original owner was inflating numbers and Wizard World caught on. I’d like to stress I have no direct proof of this, but several people with inside knowledge of the situation reached out to me and said this was the case.

    However, the story the public got was that the original organizers had swooped in and saved the day after Wizard bailed for reasons that remained unknown to seemingly everyone.

    You get the idea. This is hardly news anymore. Everyone has a horror story about the event (here’s mine), and some have made their way into the mainstream comic media. I hope this means the existing group will get their act together or someone like FanExpo will come in and deliver the world-class event we’ve been waiting years to see.

  • technology

    Dialog has officially left beta

    Dialog for Android

    It is with great excitement that I announce Dialog is now officially out of beta. If you were a part of our public beta, there should be an update available soon — if there isn’t already — and new users can download the app now via the Play Store. We also encourage everyone to leave a review for the app there if they have the time.

    We appreciate everyone’s patience as we worked through the development process and look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

    Lastly, we’ve relaunched our website, where you’ll find contact information and more information about Dialog. The page makes for an easy way to share the app with friends or fellow Micro.blog users.