The Batman's Grave

DC Comics:

Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, one of the most legendary creative partnerships in modern comic book history, reunite this fall for The Batman’s Grave, a twelve-issue monthly DC maxi-series about life, death and the questions most are too afraid to ask. The team that brought us The Authority now turn their talents towards The World’s Greatest Detective

While I’ve never read the duo’s run on The Authority, I’ve been following Warren Ellis for years, since his run on Thunderbolts back in 2007, through his more obscure stuff over at Avatar including Black Summer and No Hero.

Look no further than Bryan Hitch’s run on Ultimates for reasons why he’s one of the biggest artists in comics. Few others can capture those movie-like set piece moments like he does, which I feel comes across in the previews for this series already.

I’m really excited to see what they come up with.