Money Shot art by Rebekah Isaacs

Graeme McMillan for Hollywood Reporter:

In the near future, space travel has become too expensive to pursue and too boring for people to pay attention to — until Christine Ocampos introduces a teleportation device that she intends to fund in a new and novel way: By traveling to strange new worlds, meeting new civilizations and having sex with them in order to broadcast on the internet as the final frontier of pornography.

This series sounds like it’ll be a blast. Writer Tim Seeley describes a story with a ton more depth and emotion than what you’d expect from one about humans having sex with aliens to fund their research.

I followed Seeley because of his work on Hack/Slack many years back and Sarah Beattie is one of the funniest people on Twitter so I have a ton of faith in this team to provide a pretty entertaining book.

The only real unknown for me regarding Money Shot is artist Rebekah Isaacs but I love what I’ve seen in the preview for the series, including the colours by Kurt Michael Russell, and I’m really excited to see more leading up to the release of issue #1 in October.