Silk art by Stacey Lee

Joe Grunenwald for The Beat:

Cindy Moon is getting another day in the sun. Marvel has announced a new ongoing series for Spider-Man spin-off character Silk. The series will be written by novelist and first-time comics writer Maurene Goo, and illustrated by Takeshi Miyazawa (Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane), with the first issue of the series sporting a cover by Stonehouse.

Great to see the character back, and being written by a Korean American woman no less. I’ve always dug Silk from her appearances in ASM and I’m really hoping this new series helps her further carve her own path, away from the mainline Spider-Man stories.

It also doesn’t hurt that Takeshi Miyazawa’s on the book. As I’ve mentioned a dozen times before, I’ve been a huge fan of his work since Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane.